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Half Anna Victoria Queen Coin 1862 Price, Value, Buyer Phone Number

Half Anna Victoria Queen Coin 1862 Value, Price, Features

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Country: India

Type: British India Coins

Period: n/a

Year: 1862

Denomination: Half

Metal: Copper

Weight: 12.88-12.95gm

Shape: Circular

Mint wise Value

Bombay: 200 to 3000 rupees depends on coin condition

Calcutta: 5000 to 20000 rupees depends on coin condition

NOTE: Different mintmarks

♦ (small dot/diamond) = Mumbai

B (letter “B”) = Mumbai Proof Issues

(no mintmark) = Calcutta * (five-pointed star) = Hyderabad

. (small dot) = Noida

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    1. 9712392979 asif from jamnagar mere pas esa coin he me Bechna cahata Hu aur bhi bahut sare coin aur notes with (mint&sin) he bechne ke liye please contact me.

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